cover art & marriage equality

My upcoming novel Blind Items has very pretty cover art now! More details when the release date gets closer! (Click on the link for a blurb. The book is due out this summer, I think in July. I just sent back the second round of edits, so I’m at the stage where it’s finally starting to feel like a real book.)

I’ve been watching the news about the impending state senate vote on marriage equality here in New York, and as more senators side with equality, it’s starting to look like a real possibility! New York already recognizes same-sex marriages conducted in other states, but the last time marriage equality came up for a vote, it failed (mostly because of some very outspoken conservative senators). A number of Republicans who voted against it last time have switched their votes. If you live in New York, here’s a list of swing senators to contact.

And one last small thing that I think is kind of neat: Mantastic Fiction is doing a GayRomLit book club, wherein they’re reading books by all of the authors who will be attending the GayRomLit convention in New Orleans this October. There are a few new books each week. (I’ll be at GayRomLit!) It might be a good way to discover some new authors.

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  1. mantastic says:

    Hello! Thanks for telling your readers about the GayRomLit Book club. We have you paired up with T C Blue and Kiernan Kelly in week 13, beginning 8/17.

    I will probably read The Boy Next Door since I’ve had my eye on it since it’s release.

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