meeting other writers

I’m not able to attend the RWA national convention, which is going on right now here in New York, but I was able to go to the big author signing event last night, at which more than a hundred authors signed books to raise money for libraries and literacy programs. What a great event! I was maybe a little overwhelmed and a lot starstruck, as there were so many writers I admire all gathered in one place, and I’ve never really been to a convention before, at least not one on this scale.

I went primarily as a reader, and I got a few books signed and talked to a pretty wide range of writers. The one big deal for me was that I got to talk for a while with Suzanne Brockmann, who is among my favorite writers and kind of an idol, and I handed her my hardcover copy of All Through the Night and we talked a little about the marriage equality bill passing in New York, and she was really great. (My friend A was with me and kept whispering, “Tell her your a writer, too!” but I got a little nervous.)

I also sought out some other m/m writers, and got to talk to K.A. Mitchell, who was kind enough to offer advice, and L.B. Gregg, who was a lot of fun to talk to. I met a local romance blogger while waiting on line to get in. And I exchanged cards with a handful of people, so if you found your way to my website that way, welcome!

One of the things that really impresses me is that every time I meet more writers—romance writers generally and m/m writers specifically—I’m pleasantly surprised by how friendly and supportive everyone is. This is such a great community of writers and I’m really happy to be a part of it.

I also see why people love these conventions. There’s such a wonderful, positive energy there. I really wish I was able to attend the rest of RWA, but I guess there will be more conventions in the future! (And this is making me all the more excited for GayRomLit in October!)

NY Senate approves marriage equality bill!

You’ve heard the big news by now. It’s pretty awesome, yeah?

I’ve been living in New York State since 2002, and the thing about politics in New York is that you have to get used to being let down. There’s so much corruption and nonsense, and even when the news broke that a bunch of Republican senators had switched votes and supported this bill, it still felt like the NY Senate would find a way to fuck it up. But then I watched the live stream of the senate session last night, and when the yeas and nays were counted, and that cheer went up? It felt like a pretty damn fine time to be a New Yorker.

My mother, who moved to New York a few years before I did, commented that it was a surprise to see Albany actually do something useful.

I’m reviewing the page proofs for Blind Items this weekend, and it looks like I’m going to have to make a couple of last minute changes to a scene in which my main character, Drew, laments that he can’t get married in New York. It doesn’t feel like such a hardship to change the scene. 🙂

cover art & marriage equality

My upcoming novel Blind Items has very pretty cover art now! More details when the release date gets closer! (Click on the link for a blurb. The book is due out this summer, I think in July. I just sent back the second round of edits, so I’m at the stage where it’s finally starting to feel like a real book.)

I’ve been watching the news about the impending state senate vote on marriage equality here in New York, and as more senators side with equality, it’s starting to look like a real possibility! New York already recognizes same-sex marriages conducted in other states, but the last time marriage equality came up for a vote, it failed (mostly because of some very outspoken conservative senators). A number of Republicans who voted against it last time have switched their votes. If you live in New York, here’s a list of swing senators to contact.

And one last small thing that I think is kind of neat: Mantastic Fiction is doing a GayRomLit book club, wherein they’re reading books by all of the authors who will be attending the GayRomLit convention in New Orleans this October. There are a few new books each week. (I’ll be at GayRomLit!) It might be a good way to discover some new authors.

this and that

Some bullet points!

• Brooklyn Pride is this weekend, although unfortunately, the weather is pretty crappy, gray and rainy. (You may recall that I went to the street fair last year—oddly, this year’s festivities haven’t been advertised hardly at all, so it looks to be a small celebration, though there is a parade tonight I might go watch if it doesn’t get rained out.)

• I’m also hip deep in the second round of edits for my upcoming Dreamspinner novel Blind Items and I’m writing a new novel that I’m really excited about, so that’s also taking up my time this weekend.

• Here’s a really nice review of The Boy Next Door.

• I recently joined the local RWA chapter, and it seems to be a pretty great group of people. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the national convention in a few weeks, which is a real bummer because it’s in New York.

• And right now I’ve got the Yankees game on, which mostly looks like watching it rain int he Bronx. Well, happy Saturday and happy Pride!