blog posts have I loved

I probably owe you a blog post.

I’ve been alternately busy and under the weather for the last couple of weeks, but here’s a quickie rundown:

I had a spectacular time at the Rainbow Book Fair in New York a little over a week ago. I met a bunch of other Dreamspinner authors (most of whom came in from out of town!) and I talked to some readers. I was still buzzing from it a few days afterwards, so now I can’t wait for my next event. (There are a couple of conventions I want to attend if I can rub enough pennies together to pay the registration fees. And I will for sure be at GayRomLit in New Orleans in October.)

Baseball’s back! I’ve got my fantasy team all drafted. The regular season has started. The Yankees are hitting lots of home runs. It’s good. (I’m currently watching the Yankees vs Twins game. Non-fans, let me introduce you to Joe Mauer.)

I’ve started a new novel that requires reading a lot of comic books as research, which is a hardship as I’m sure you can imagine. (Over the weekend, I read a Superman series from the mid-90s in which Superman had terrible long hair. Who thought that was a good idea?)

Well, anyway. I keep getting distracted by the game, so I’ll end it here. Hope you all have great weeks!