chat tomorrow and some other news

Montague Street, Brooklyn, ca 1895; photo from the Brooklyn Historical Society

First, tomorrow I’m participating in a chat at Chatting with Joyfully Reviewed with other authors going to GayRomLit in October. We’ll be around all day (9am to 6pm CST). I’ll be giving away a copy of The Boy Next Door. There’s a complete list of participating authors at Ethan Day’s blog. It’s shaping up to be a fun chat, so stop by!

I’ve been somewhat incommunicado the last few weeks due mostly to computer problems. (First my hard drive died. Then a month later my logic board failed! The people at Apple were beyond amazing and I seem to be back up and running again, so let’s hope those issues are behind me. Nothing will set a writer on edge more than taking away her laptop!) I’ve been meaning to spend a little more time in Yahoo Groups and blogs and Goodreads and all those places, but I just haven’t had time. Sure, there’s the promotional aspect, but I just like hanging around this community of readers and writers, too. 🙂

One last big, awesome thing. I just signed a new contract with Loose Id for a novel that was my first stab at writing a paranormal romance. Two researchers, academic rivals, have to team up to solve a murder mystery involving two men who now haunt a museum. The above photo is a picture of Montague Street, specifically the old Brooklyn Academy of Music, in what is today the neighborhood Brooklyn Heights, where most of this novel takes place. Montague Street is sort of the central artery through that neighborhood, stretching from what is now Borough Hall (City Hall in the time before Brooklyn and Manhattan became part of the same city, which was right around when this photo was taken) to the East River, and the street is lined with shops and restaurants, not so different than 115 years ago! Anyway, there are edits and revisions to be made, and I don’t have an estimated pub date yet, but I’m hoping for maybe sometime this fall.

my kingdom for a typewriter

I come to you tonight from my phone. I just had to drop my poor laptop off for repairs. The Apple Store thinks it’ll take a few days to fix it. What’s a writer to do?

It’s rough. I won’t be able to write much, if anything, until I get it back, and I’ll be scarce on the interwebs for the next few days, not that I’ve been around much anyway. (I’ve been sick on and off. This is also the second time I’ve had to bring my MacBook in for repairs this year. It’s like fate is conspiring against my current WIP.)

Anyway, think happy thoughts for my laptop. I guess this is a good opportunity to catch up on my reading.

blog posts have I loved

I probably owe you a blog post.

I’ve been alternately busy and under the weather for the last couple of weeks, but here’s a quickie rundown:

I had a spectacular time at the Rainbow Book Fair in New York a little over a week ago. I met a bunch of other Dreamspinner authors (most of whom came in from out of town!) and I talked to some readers. I was still buzzing from it a few days afterwards, so now I can’t wait for my next event. (There are a couple of conventions I want to attend if I can rub enough pennies together to pay the registration fees. And I will for sure be at GayRomLit in New Orleans in October.)

Baseball’s back! I’ve got my fantasy team all drafted. The regular season has started. The Yankees are hitting lots of home runs. It’s good. (I’m currently watching the Yankees vs Twins game. Non-fans, let me introduce you to Joe Mauer.)

I’ve started a new novel that requires reading a lot of comic books as research, which is a hardship as I’m sure you can imagine. (Over the weekend, I read a Superman series from the mid-90s in which Superman had terrible long hair. Who thought that was a good idea?)

Well, anyway. I keep getting distracted by the game, so I’ll end it here. Hope you all have great weeks!