guest blog + spring

I guest blogged at the RWA NYC blog yesterday, talking a little about my inspiration for The Boy Next Door.

I took a walk earlier this afternoon, and it’s nice outside, nearly 60ºF and sunny. I took a couple of pictures—I love Brooklyn in the spring, although there aren’t any flowers yet, really. (In another month or so, we’ll start seeing cherry blossoms around the neighborhood, which is always lovely.) After the insane winter we had, I gotta say, I’m really excited for spring. This was, I think, the first weekend day with weather this warm in what feels like forever.

And spring means baseball! One of my works in progress is a romance between two professional baseball players that has been a little bit of a struggle to write, but I’m enjoying it. I spent some time this morning working on pre-draft rankings for my fantasy baseball team, which is pretty exciting. I’m excited for the new season.

I hope the weather is nice wherever you are. 🙂