so I have a new book coming out…

I am what I think of as a binge reader. I’ll latch onto a genre and read only that genre for a couple of weeks, as many books as I can get my hands on. Like, I’ll read three or four regencies in a row. I went through a two-month period once wherein I only read Westerns. I currently am reading a lot of detective novels.

Apparently I’m this way with writing, too, although less so genre than theme. I seem to be going through a phase where I really like to write second-chance stories, especially those that involve two characters who knew each other well in the past—as lovers or as just friends—and then meet again after a long absence. I’ve always liked stories like this and I’m not sure why. I suppose there’s the idea of The One That Got Away, although there isn’t really anyone like that in my past. (Sure, there are a few people I’d like to see again, flubbed moments I’d like to do over, and I occasionally think about that one guy who just had bad timing, but there’s no one person that I yearn to meet again.) And yet, it’s a theme I seem to revisit a lot. Exhibit A: Seth and Kieran.

Exhibit B: in my upcoming book, The Boy Next Door, Lowell moves back to his hometown in Connecticut. He doesn’t realize until after he’s bought his house that his next-door neighbor is his childhood best friend—and the subject of a few of his teenage fantasies—Jase. He and Jase drifted apart when they got to high school and led very different adult lives, but they find as they rekindle their friendship that they have a lot more in common than it seemed at first glance.

The book will be out on January 25th! You can sneak a peak at the cover here.

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