Available Today: The Boy Next Door

The new book is out today! Big thanks to everyone who had a hand in this one, from my beta readers to everyone who sat with me in cafes while I banged my head on a table hacking my way through a revision. You all know who you are. 🙂


When Lowell moves back to his hometown to take care of his ailing mother, the last person he expects to see living in the house next door is his childhood friend Jase, grown up now and more attractive than ever. Jase had starred in many of Lowell’s teenage fantasies, but Lowell is convinced Jase is straight. And yet, as they rekindle their friendship, it begins to look like Jase might not be so straight after all.

Jase has problems of his own: his troubled ex-wife has allowed him full custody of their daughter on one condition: he never exposes her to his affairs with other men. The arrangement works just fine until he starts falling for Lowell and a whole new world of possibilities opens up for him. But how can he have a relationship with a man and still keep his daughter?


2 thoughts on “Available Today: The Boy Next Door

  1. Ami says:

    I enjoyed the book very much; love the quiet little confession scene. I wonder will you visit this town again? I feel like Neal’s story need to get out as well and he may need his own happy ending

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