baby, it’s cold outside

This was the scene out my bedroom window yesterday afternoon in the middle of the storm, so you can see 'my' backyard (which has been taken over by the cafe on the first floor) and the yards in back of the surrounding buildings.

Since you’re on the internet, you must be aware that the east coast got quite a storm yesterday. This is going to sound like a ham-fisted stab at book promotion, but this storm was a lot like the one on which I based Kindling Fire with Snow. In Brooklyn, we got about two feet of snow, but this is complicated by the fact that most of the plow operators and sanitation workers who would clean it all up are on vacation for the holidays.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers posting photos of the snow blanketing their lovely yards, but snow is something else in the city. So, I took a couple of photos. You can click on any of these to enlarge them (but I took them with my phone, so they are not that sharp).

This is a block near my apartment this evening. In the distance, there are people digging out their cars.

I am apparently not always of sound mine, because I got up this morning and figured I’d walk to my office. I didn’t learn until I got there that I needn’t have bothered, but I figure I earned some brownie points for hiking all the way there in snow up to my knees (it’s about a mile from my apartment). I came home this evening to find that things had much improved, at least as far as the sidewalks being shoveled, but as far as I can tell, Brooklyn hasn’t really been plowed yet.

This is my block, which, as you can see, hasn't even been plowed yet, as of just before 5pm.

The walk home, just as dusk was falling, was punctuated by the squeal of the tires of cars stuck in snow banks. It makes me pretty glad I don’t drive. Also pretty glad I didn’t have to leave Brooklyn, because a bunch of the trains are still out.

It’s sort of a fun adventure, but it’s sure as heck not easy to walk in. I am, granted, not exactly in peak physical condition, but climbing over those snow drifts was rough on my ankles. Here’s hoping they plow by tomorrow.

The snow day yesterday provided me with a good solid block of writing time, and I was quite productive, so at least we got something out of the storm. 😉