awkward segues and crazy weather

February snow storm

Kindling Fire with Snow was inspired by these two crazy blizzards that blew through Brooklyn in February. New York is not usually prone to extreme weather, which is what made these particular blizzards remarkable.

We’ve had some equally crazy weather here in Brooklyn the last few weeks. We had a tornado touch down near my apartment about a month ago (Gothamist has pictures of the damage). I missed most of the storm itself due to the fact that it happened while I was traveling via subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I saw the damage, though. I tree fell down in front of the church across the street from me and there were dozens of downed trees in nearby Prospect Park, which is really heartbreaking. Then yesterday, we got this insane hail storm. I came home in the middle of it. It was pretty strange to see what looked like ice on the sidewalk when it wasn’t even cool enough to put on a jacket.

I don’t know if I have a point besides to say that anything can happen, and weather sure is a strange thing. I mean, I lived in Massachusetts for a while, where the motto is generally, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes,” (70°F days in December! Snowstorms in April!) but this weather lately has just been bizarre. And inspirational, apparently, if I got a novella out of it. Which comes out on October 20th. 😀

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