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Kindling Fire with Snow got its first review. 4.25 out of 5 stars from Jessewave:

Kate McMurray wrote two very realistic characters and didn’t attempt to romanticise them by making them bigger than life. Keiran and Seth were two ordinary joes who met after being separated for over a decade and in the interim a lot had happened to them — life happened… As they tried to figure out if they were just reliving the past or whether there was a future somewhere for them, the author skilfully showed us how they navigated between past and present and tried to be realistic about what lay ahead for them, if anything. I loved the fact that the protagonists actually talked to each other as adults, despite Seth’s initial attempt to remain closed off.

Kindling Fire with Snow! On Sale Today!

Kindling Fire with Snow CoverOut today from Dreamspinner Press is my novella Kindling Fire with Snow.

Weathermen are predicting an incredible blizzard for New York City, but with old snow melting on the sidewalk, Seth Roland is a little skeptical. Despite moping over his ex-boyfriend Evan, who recently dumped him, Seth pretends all is well as he steps into his regular local bar, where he’s surprised by a blast from his past. Enter Kieran O’Malley, Seth’s very first boyfriend, in the city for a conference.

It might have been just a chance meeting, but first a train derailment and then the predicted blizzard keep Seth and Kieran in close proximity. It’s enough time for old feelings to surface, rekindled attraction to take hold, and new hopes for a future together to fill them both. But once the storm passes, the real challenge begins. Will Seth and Kieran work to make the relationship last, or will they let it melt away like snow in the sun?



You can DANCE AROUND YOUR LIVING ROOM! (Oh, wait, is that just me?)

Kindling Fire with Snow: Bonus Features

Kindling Fire with Snow CoverYes, bonus features! The book comes out a week from today, so I figured I’d give a little more detail about what’s going on in the book. Kindling Fire with Snow is, I think, a really great example of Write What You Know in that a lot of stuff close to my life got put into the novella. So I thought it might be fun to put together a post with some extra background. And photos!

Kindling Fire with Snow is the story of two teenage sweethearts who meet again after not seeing each other for twelve years. Then there’s a blizzard snowing them in together. Will feelings rekindle? Can they reconcile all the lost years? Does the magic that existed between them when they were teenagers still exist?

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awkward segues and crazy weather

February snow storm

Kindling Fire with Snow was inspired by these two crazy blizzards that blew through Brooklyn in February. New York is not usually prone to extreme weather, which is what made these particular blizzards remarkable.

We’ve had some equally crazy weather here in Brooklyn the last few weeks. We had a tornado touch down near my apartment about a month ago (Gothamist has pictures of the damage). I missed most of the storm itself due to the fact that it happened while I was traveling via subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I saw the damage, though. I tree fell down in front of the church across the street from me and there were dozens of downed trees in nearby Prospect Park, which is really heartbreaking. Then yesterday, we got this insane hail storm. I came home in the middle of it. It was pretty strange to see what looked like ice on the sidewalk when it wasn’t even cool enough to put on a jacket.

I don’t know if I have a point besides to say that anything can happen, and weather sure is a strange thing. I mean, I lived in Massachusetts for a while, where the motto is generally, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes,” (70°F days in December! Snowstorms in April!) but this weather lately has just been bizarre. And inspirational, apparently, if I got a novella out of it. Which comes out on October 20th. 😀

Kindling Fire with Snow Excerpt

Kindling Fire with Snow CoverMy novella Kindling Fire with Snow will be available from Dreamspinner Press two weeks from today! If you want a taste, I’ve posted an excerpt to the book page. Here’s a teeny tiny piece:

Because here was Kieran O’Malley, who, granted, was often associated in his mind with soft-serve cones and perfect little frosting roses atop immaculate white ice-cream cakes, but who also evoked in Seth’s mind Saturday afternoons spent horsing around in between serving bratty teenage girls, silly conversations late at night when they closed together, and stealing kisses when the store was empty. Here was Kieran O’Malley, the cute guy from the next town over, the first person to see through all of Seth’s masks, to see the person that Seth really was. And here he was smiling, looking the same yet totally different, older, more beautiful, and he was a thirty-year-old in a bar in New York City instead of an awkward seventeen-year-old in an ice-cream parlor in suburban New Jersey.

newsy things

I hear there’s a little story about m/m romance in the latest Rolling Stone, but the newsstand I dropped by this evening was all out of copies. Hmph.

In Hot Pursuit got a nice little shout out in today’s All Romance eBooks’ Wildfire newsletter, so that was pretty cool.

I’m gearing up to participate in this month’s National Novel Writing Month and I have what I think is a fairly awesome idea. It’s historical fiction (and m/m romance, of course), which can be tricky when you have to write in a hurry, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m researching now, so hopefully I’ll have what I need by the end of the month.

Oh, and also Kindling Fire with Snow is coming out in two weeks, and when that’s done, I’ve got another novel coming out from Loose Id (although that’s a couple of months away still).