m/m writers in the news

Did you guys see the article about Alex Beecroft and Erastes in Out?

I’ve enjoyed both Beecroft’s and Erastes’s writing. The article has some interesting bits. I liked this exchange:

“It isn’t all about the porn,” Beecroft laments.

“I don’t believe you,” I say.

“I know. People don’t, and it’s such an annoyance. Do you think a 300-page book that’s got three sex scenes in it is all about the sex?”

Erastes concurs. “I think people automatically think gay equals sex. That would be like saying heterosexual equals sex, and that is a very unfair thing to say.”

Both agree that the first kiss in their books is “almost more intimate than sex.”

I know that for me as a reader, I like the sexy times, but a novel is not held together by sexy times alone; it needs a good story. I always think about story first when I’m writing. I feel pretty strongly that the sex scenes should serve the story in some way. So I agree with Beecroft and Erastes on that level.

The discussion of gender identity was pretty interesting, too; I leave it to you to read and think about. (I have Opinions, but I don’t want to shove my foot in my mouth too far. I totally respect Beecroft and Erastes, but I’m coming at the genre from a different place.) I do like this conclusion: “M/M fans already know (and the rest of the world must catch up eventually) that love abhors all limitations, and gender is among the least of these.”

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