on the upswing

Watch me bury the lead.

I’m a fast writer. I make up for that by being a slow editor, but when I need to, I can churn out a lot of text. Thus I, in good faith, made a commitment to myself to write 60,000 words this July. This seemed doable; I’m a NaNoWriMo veteran. I wrote 92K words last November. I churned out a 50K-word first draft in 30 days once without really breaking a sweat. (Although that was almost three years ago and I’m STILL revising that one; see, slow editor!) So I thought 60K would be a challenge but one I could rise to, but it’s proving to be a greater challenge than I anticipated. This is in part because I had other things to do July 4th weekend (house guests, baseball games, and cookouts, oh my!). I found that, 10 days into July, I’d hardly written anything.

But I had a random spot of good/bad fortune in that my access to the Internet has been unusually limited over the last couple of days. So I’ve found myself writing. And I’m really excited about my current WIP, which is my first attempt to write something speculative (there are ghosts!). Yesterday evening rolled around and I felt triumphant for having written 5,000 words and finally having found a direction for this novel that I’ve been only just sort of poking at for the last couple of months.

So then I got home and found a new contract in my inbox. That’s right, folks, the ink is drying on the contract for my second novel. I’m really excited about this one. More details on that forthcoming once I know about release dates and things.

So it was a great day for writing! Let’s hope this streak continues.