bits and pieces

I’m featured today on the RWANYC blog’s Bits and Pieces feature. F and I met up for coffee and chatted about romance and NaNoWriMo and In Hot Pursuit. F’s intro cracks me up. “Kate says that she cannot imagine that she writes erotica and when you look at her, she is lovely and the epitome of everything pure and innocent in a lovely sundress sitting across from me.” Pure and innocent! This is what I get for wearing a pink dress to an interview! Note to self: try to look less sweet and innocent. (Heh. I guess I could claim it’s all part of an elaborate facade! You’d never guess I made money writing racy romance novels, eh?)

In completely unrelated news, I started writing a post on the topic of rejection, which I’ve had a little bit of lately, although I can’t think of anything more insightful to say than, “It sucks!” I choose instead to wallow in my success today. It’s helping me feel better about the oppressive heat in NYC. So go read my interview!

One thought on “bits and pieces

  1. FSolomon says:

    People think I am sweet and innocent too. Maybe I should work on trying to look more racy!
    You BTW, look perfect for a novelist…

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