In Hot Pursuit in print!!

Funny story:

I live in Brooklyn in a 3-story building. There’s a cafe on the first floor, then each floor above it has one apartment. This is relevant, I promise. So, I got an email yesterday indicating that my very own PRINT copies of In Hot Pursuit were on their way to me, set to arrive today. UPS is always tricky around here because a) I have a day job and thus am not home during the day, and b) even if I were, this building has never had a functioning doorbell in the 4 years I’ve lived here. But, I thought, it’s cool, I’ll just leave a note and have the package delivered to the cafe.

Of course, I was halfway to work this morning when I realized I forgot to leave a note. When I got to work, I went to the UPS site to track the package. It went out for delivery at 7:46 am. And I thought, well, I’ll just sit here and hit refresh a lot and see what happens. A whole day went by and nothing changed in the package status.

I came home and saw that there was no yellow note on my door. I went into the cafe and asked if they’d signed for a package for me. Nope, they hadn’t. I felt sad. Would there be no books for me on this day?

Then, lo, as I was turning to leave the cafe and go back to my apartment to pout, a big brown truck pulled up! The UPS guy took his sweet time getting out of the truck, but as he approached the building, I was all, “IsthatmypackageArethosemybooksGimmegimme!” He gave me the, “Lady, you’re crazy!” look, but then I got to sign for my package. I tucked it under my arm and ran up the stairs. And lo:


So here is the book posing with my MacBook, which was mostly just a handy thing to prop the book on, but it’s fitting because that’s the computer on which it was written. Then, the book was feeling like it needed to be with its other book friends, so it posed on one of my bookcases:

I'm on a shelf!

So this is all very exciting. I honestly had no idea if the book would go to print or not, and I am over the moon. I, of course, think that ebooks are totally awesome, and the vast number of book purchases I have made over the last year have been ebooks, and if IHP had been only an ebook, that would have been just great for me as a writer! But there’s something kind of amazing about holding your own book in your hands, the kind of book you can casually flip through, the kind made with dead trees.

Anyhoodle, now you can buy it from Amazon or a bookstore near you. And you can still, of course, buy the ebook (now available in .epub!), and that would also be totally cool with me. 😀

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