fear and loathing in midtown

Central Park

New York is so weird sometimes. I had a few errands to run in Manhattan, so I decided to take the subway to Midtown. I don’t leave Brooklyn much these days, so going to Manhattan can feel like An Event. And I sure picked a hell of a day! The weather was great. There were lots of spring-related shenanigans in Central Park. As you can see from the above photo, the park was mobbed! Not to mention that iPads went on sale today, so the 5th Avenue Apple Store… let’s not even talk about it. (Although, a friend of mine is featured in the first photo in this Times story. People camped out. Crazy!) Walking down 57th Street, I ran into a wedding procession. No, really, a bride and all of her attendants were walking down the street, surrounded by photographers. (I don’t think the bride was anyone famous, just part of an elaborate New York wedding.) There were kids running around with face paint and tourists running around with cameras, and all-in-all I had fun walking around and shopping.