saturday sun

I tweeted this a few days ago, but here’s another review of In Hot Pursuit: “In Hot Pursuit is about second chances, forgiveness, and acceptance. It is a wonderful blend of action, suspense, romance, humor and erotic play.” (4.5 nymphs here)

I have a tendency to surround myself with people who have wildly different interests from mine, so although I have a lot of friends who are writers, hardly any of them are romance writers (or even readers, come to think of it). But the thing with writing a novel is that, when it’s published, all your friends want to read it. I’ve been showing people the excerpt, and my own friends said things like, “I don’t like romance, but I like this.” That’s great, but shows a misconception about the genre. I’m working on disabusing my friends of the notion that romance as a genre is all bodice-ripping and purple prose.

It’s been a fun few weeks with the reviews, and some really positive feedback from both friends and strangers, and even a few fan emails (which totally made my day).

The weather looks pretty spectacular outside, so I plan to go out in a few. My agenda for the weekend involves writing and editing and trying to finish a short story that’s not quite right yet.

Oh, and I saw the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland last night. Maybe my expectations were low because I haven’t been that impressed with the last few Burton projects, but I thought Alice was great. I saw it in 3D with some friends, we all agreed it was fun and the visuals are lovely.