official site launch

This website officially launches on Monday, October 5th. Like I mentioned in a previous post, my goal is to update the blog once a week, probably just with inane scribblings about whatever I’m thinking about that week, and hopefully said scribblings will be relevant to writing or at least romance novels, but WHO KNOWS?

Anyway, I’m open to feedback, so if you’ve got opinions about what things I should add to the site, topics you’d like to see blog posts on, anything, please let me know!

I’ve been wracking my brain for things that I tend to look for when I go to an author site. If I’m going to an author’s site, I’m almost always looking at the book list. (My book list will be updated as publication dates and things become available, so stay tuned!) I have a few authors that I have come to love, so I check out their sites to see what order to read series books in (when did it become a trend for romance novels not to have series numbers printed on them?) or to check out an author’s backlist. I’m interested in biographical information, too, because I find it fascinating to know where writers are coming from. Have they been writing their whole lives? Did they pick up writing later in life, after their kids were born and their lives were established? Are they from cities or rural areas or places outside the US? All this stuff is interesting to me. So that’s kind of where I’m coming from with this blog. I figure, if you’re coming here to my website, you want to know some things about me.

I started a Twitter account, too, for shorter observations (or you can follow me there to find out when I update this blog).

So this is a work in progress. I will continue to tweak it over the coming weeks, so your feedback is appreciated. And welcome!