things wot are cool

I’m making a commitment to write something in this blog once a week at minimum, I suppose we’ll see how well I stick to that. I might also stick to writing fluffy things for a while; I have kind of a pathological fear of putting my foot in my mouth.

Speaking of fluff, I have a confession: I kind of love Tom Cruise pre-1995. I know this is not a popular opinion, but, two words: Top Gun. Gayest movie of all time, am I right? (Proof: volleyball scene. “Hrm, we are all shirtless and oiled up. Let me just flex my bicep while I check my watch.”) I also love Risky Business and Cocktail and… oh, hey, A Few Good Men is on my TV. This is one of those movies I almost always watch when I run into it on cable and it never gets old even though I’ve got large swaths of it memorized. I don’t know why. The cast is good, it’s an interesting story, Aaron Sorkin writes snappy dialogue, Tom Cruise does what he does best: playing a dude with assholish tendencies who makes good. Heck, I was still a Tom Cruise fan as late as 2001 or 2002 when he was on the cover of I think Vanity Fair, and I bought the magazine just for him, because, yeah. And Tom Cruise and I have the same birthday! I guess it turned on me around the same time he married Katie Holmes. He hasn’t done a movie I’ve liked in a while, he’s kind of crazy, it’s not cool to find him attractive. But, what can I say? It was like my stepmother said to me once after we’d seen Rain Man: That Tom Cruise is a hunk.

What about you? Any movies you always watch on TV? Secret celebrity crushes you’re kind of ashamed to admit to?

Other things that are cool: I agree with the Smart Bitches that these ads for an event put on my Lorelei James and MaryJanice Davidson are pretty cool. I also love that vintage art, like the covers of great pulp novels. (Incidentally, I’ve read and enjoyed most of Lorelei James’s McKay brothers series. I mean, what’s not to like? There are cowboys. Full stop. Cowboys, people. My favorite of the series, Rough, Raw, and Ready manages to accomplish both being a hot read and having a really interesting emotional arc. It’s a menage, which usually isn’t my thing, but it’s a great book.)